The Cure for Love
A novel about life's most sublime affliction

Michael Seabaugh's The Cure for Love  is available in paperback and e-book

Reviews of The Cure for Love

Kirkus Review: "An intense psychological dissection of love."

"In Seabaugh's debut novel, a psychotherapist crosses an ethical line while working with a patient engaged to a volatile woman.

Dr. Jack Cochran isn't just an experienced psychotherapist; he's also the author of a best-selling self-help book, Winning at the Game of Love. But his success with love is only on paper; his marriage failed six years ago. Still, he remains hopeful of future possibilities and confident that he can help his many tormented patients. Then he starts treating Andrew, a genuine, empathetic guy with an unstable, damaged fiancee, a woman not unlike Jack's ex-wife. Jack is haunted by the many parallels between his and Andrew's stories; while Andrew presses on to save his relationship, Jack gave up on his. The doctor's unraveling emotions lead to a deceit that could cost him his career.

Seabaugh, a psychologist himself, devotes much of the story to analysis, philosophical debates and internal monologues about love: its intensity, its challenges, and its ability to heal and to wound... Readers interested in psychotherapy will appreciate the behind-the-desk point of view. Skeptics, meanwhile, will appreciate a secondary question that the plot brings forward: Is the mission of psychotherapy plausible? ...

Seabaugh is a skillful writer, and readers are likely to empathize with Jack's decisions, good and bad."


Dr. Jennifer Freed, author of The Ultimate Personality Guide and Lessons from Stanley the Cat

"The Cure for Love is a mystery, a complex and compelling tale, and a revelatory read about the human heart. Dr. Michael Seabaugh writes elegantly and accessibly about the most essential journey of our lives, the quest for authentic connection."