The Cure for Love
A novel about life's most sublime affliction

Michael Seabaugh's The Cure for Love  is available in paperback and e-book

About the Author:


Dr. Michael Seabaugh is a clinical psychologist who has been treating the hearts and minds of his fellow humans for over 25 years. Admittedly not a fan of the self-help book ("Reducing the complex human experience into sound bites is demeaning to us all") he has set out to write a novel that explores the complexities, frustrations and realities of trying to love another in an adult romantic partnership. Kirkus Reviews recognized this goal by deeming The Cure for Love: "An intense psychological dissection of love."

Dr. Seabaugh has written extensively on subject of relationships as well as other life matters for various magazines and newspapers. He maintains an active private practice in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California. 

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