The Cure for Love
A novel about life's most sublime affliction

Michael Seabaugh's The Cure for Love  is available in paperback and e-book from


           The Cure for Love a novel about life's most sublime affliction

                                                by Michael O.L. Seabaugh

The first rule of psychotherapy is to do no harm and Dr. Jack Cochran, an experienced psychologist, was surely aware of this when he accepted Andrew as a patient. How could he have known that this earnest young man, who contacted him because he needed help navigating a difficult relationship with his mercurial fiancee, would throw the doctor into an ethically murky journey, one with twists and turns he could never have anticipated? As a best-selling author of Winning at the Game of Love, Dr. Cochran was a recognized expert in the field, but he is nevertheless stumped by Andrew who begins to challenge his reductive ideas about love. At first, Dr. Cochran assumes this is just another difficult countertransference, something to do with his own recent failure in marriage to the beautiful and maddening Alexandra. When some shocking information about Andrew's relationship is revealed, Jack Cochran finds himself strangely complicit in a tragic unfolding. The afflictions of love that each man endures ultimately result in a deeper understanding for both of what love truly requires.